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Academic Council

Academic Council of VMU is the highest policy making body with respect to all academic programs of the university. The Academic Council considers regualations of various programs, evolves academic administration policies, provide quality policies, evolve new programs of study, approve new curriculum, changes and modifications in curriculum and syllabus, prescribe standards for syllabus, review academic infrastructure for optimal delivery of academic programs, track faculty-student ratio, evolve policies on research activities in the university and consider other matters of academic interest to the university.

The Academic Council of VMU, chaired by the Vice Chancellor, consists of the heads of all constituent institutions of the university, deans of faculties, senior professors of the university and registrar of the university. The university also has the privilege of nominating persons of proven record of achievement as ex-officio members to the council.

1 Dr. V. R. Rajendran Vice Chancellor Chairman
2 Prof. Y. Abraham Registrar Ex-offico Secretary
3 Dr. A. Nagarajan Dean-Homeopathy Member
4 Dr. Thiruneervannan Dean-Dental Member
 5 Dr. Lakshmi Rana Dean-Nursing Member
 6 Dr. K. Jayapal Dean-Medical Member
 7 Dr. J. Shanmugam Dean-Engineering Member
 8 Dr. Jayakar Dean-Pharmacy Member
 9 Dr. Rajan Samuel Dean-Physiotherapy Member
 10 Dr. Subbammal Dean-Arts&Science Member
 11 Dr. K. Rajendran Dean-Research Member
 12 Prof. N. D. Rajan HOI-Medical Allied Health Member
 13 Mrs. K. Kamala HOI-Nursing Member
 14 Dr. A. Nagappan HOI-Engineering Member
 15 Dr. Sumathy HOD-Homeopathy Member
 16 Dr. Murali HOD-Dental Member
 17 Dr. B. R. Balakrishnan HOD-Pharmacy Member
 18 Dr. Lakshmi HOD-Arts&Science Member
 19 Dr. Anand HOD-Physiotherapy Member
 20 Dr. Rajan Kurian HOD-Distance Education Member
 21 Dr. P. Anusuya Prof-Medicine Member
 22 Dr. A. Samuel Gnanadoss Prof-Medicine Member
 23 Dr. P. S. Manoharan Prof-Medicine Member
 24 Dr. Thangavelu Prof-Dentistry Member
 25 Prof. Muthamil Selvi Prof-Nursing Member
 26 Prof. R. S. Shanmugasundaram Prof-Engineering Member
 27 Prof. Venkateswarulu Prof-Pharmacy Member
 28 Dr. C. Kaba Rosario Prof-Arts&Science Member
 29 Dr. Sam Thambu raj Prof-Physiotherapy Member
 30 Dr. Rajamanickam Prof-Homeopathy Member
 31 Dr. V. Sivakumar Asso Prof-Medical Member
 32 Dr. Subhodh Thomas Asso Prof-Engineering Member
 33 Dr. Mahesvan Asso Prof-Nursing Member
 34 Dr. A. Pasupathy Asst Prof-Pharmacy Member
 35 Dr. B. Sekar Asst Prof-Dental Member
 36 Dr. G. Saravanan Asst Prof-Homeopathy Member
 37 Dr. P. Andappan VC Nominee-Academic Member
 38 Dr. K. Uthamalingam VC Nominee-Academic Member
 39 Dr. Krishnanshetty VC Nominee-Academic Member
 40 Mr. Dhanasekaran VC Nominee-Non-Academic Member
 41 Prof. B.Murugesan VC Nominee-Non-Academic Member
 42 Dr. A. Balasundaram Contoller of Examination Permanent Invitee

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